Sunday, September 22, 2013

Request for Submissions for October 2013 Headache Disorders & Migraine Blog Carnival

Hello Headache Disorders & Migraine Bloggers,

I am very excited to say that I will be hosting the October 2013 Headache Disorders & Migraine Blog Carnival.  My hope is that you will participate!!!!! 

The October Theme is:

Migraine Horror Story?: How has living with Migraine changed you?

While it is encouraged that participants write on the monthly theme, off-topic submissions may be accepted also. 

Submissions are due by midnght (the end of day) Friday, October 11, 2013.  The October 2013 carnival will be posted by me (My Life with the Beast) on Monday, October 14, 2013.

Email the link to your submission to

Please include the following information:

1) Your name as you would like it to appear in the carnival.
2) The title of the blog post you're submitting.
3) The url of the blog post you're submitting.
4) The title of your blog.
5) The url of your blog. 

You can get more information about the carnival at:

FAQ are addressed at:

Looking forward.............

November 2013 Headache Disorders & Migraine Blog Carnival Theme is:

Your favorite Headache Disorders related blog post since the last carnival.

Submission are due by midnight (the end of day) Friday November 8, 2013 and will be published Monday, November 11, 2013 by Somebody Heal me.  Submit links to

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Finding Friends Through Pain

Growing up my family moved frequently.  I eventually developed an internal clock that would quietly whisper to me when we were in one place for too long.  I understood that moving was a necessity but not always my favorite part of family life.  However, I usually found friends quickly once our move was made.  In school, choir was my passion.  I wasn't the best singer but I always tried!!!  I enjoyed choir because no matter where we moved I would immediately have a group to be a part of.  
As I aged and stopped singing I learned quickly that I would need to start locating friends in other ways.  Even after I moved away from my family I continued the tradition of moving around.  In college, I met people who were studying the same degree as I was.  After graduating I found my friendships in coworkers, sharing our life experiences.  
Trouble occurred when I became ill.  Many of my current friends at the time were at a loss as to how to identify with me any longer.  I myself was unsure of who I was and what I had to bring to the table as a friend.  I've since lost some friendships, but I have found so many more.  Today, many of my friends are other sufferers of chronic pain.  Some may read that and think "what a bunch of downers", those people would be wrong.  I have found treatment ideas from my friends, support through the tough times and a tons of laughs.  Most of these friends live all over the world and I have never met them in person.  That's ok to me.  Through distance they show me that they understand my struggles because they are experiencing the same ones.  
I believe that a person can show empathy without walking a mile in my shoes.  But I believe true understanding comes from being in the trenches with me.  I wish everyday for the world to be pain free.  I would never wish my pain on another.  And I would love to take the pain of others so that they can have a moment of peace.  I hate suffering day to day; but I am thankful to have found my "choir" where I always fit in and everything seems to make sense.