Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sears: Opps, we fell short!

Today I was asked to take a survey in regards to my contact with Sears customer service.  In the survey I responded that I was not happy with the service I received.  I explained that I received a 'cookie cutter' response that I know others also received.  Once again I told Sears that for 4 years I have been battling with my Chronic Migraines and Chronic Clusters.  That at this point in my life, managing my pain has become my full time job and not something anyone should ever make light of.  At the end of the survey this is what I got back.....

"Opps, we fell short!"

Really, I think that Sears just fell of the cliff!!!!! 

Please continue to make those phone calls and send those emails.......

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Migraines and Other Headache Disorders are not something to joke about!

Any of us who suffer from Migraines or other Headache Disorders have a clear understanding that they are nothing to joke about!  So you will understand my surprise and when I read a post from blogger Teri Robert; where she included a commercial from Kmart.  In this commercial, a man and woman are surprised by Kmart having a pharmacy.  They go on to state other surprises.  Please click the link below to read Teri's post and see the commercial in question....

After watching this commercial I was outraged that Kmart (owned by Sears), would have the audacity to make light of a disease that has left me with debilitating pain.  I followed Teri's lead and emailed Sears.  Here is my email to them and their 'cookie cutter' response that I know other individuals have also received today after complaining....

Dear sears/Kmart,
I saw your commercial for Kmart pharmacy; where the woman says "I don't really have migraines." I am a sufferer of Chronic Migraines and Chronic Cluster headaches. In the last 4 years my life has virtually stopped because I have become disabled by the pain of my neurological disease! This disease has affected my life, my family's life and the lives of my friends. I am asking you to remove this ad!!!  You would never use this ad with statements like "I don't really have Parkinson's" or "I don't really have cancer". Why do you think it is okay to minimize my health issues?!
Until this ad stops, I will not be a customer of sears or Kmart and will ask anyone I know to also not be a customer. Please don't minimize some one's struggles!
Thank you,
Casey Russell

Dear Crussell,
Thank you for contacting We apologize for any inconvenience or concern caused due to our recent pharmacy commercial. I appreciate the opportunity to assist you.
We regret that you found the commercial offensive as that was not our intent. We are listening to what you have to say and we appreciate the time you have taken to let us know what you think about the commercial. We are always looking for ways in which we can improve.
All comments, suggestions, contributions and indeed all feedback from our customers are very important to us. Please know that our management team reviews feedback submitted by our customers and that many of the changes and additions have been as a result of feedback from our customers.
Elizabeth G. (nganapa)
Sears Customer Care

I also placed a phone call to Sears Executive Office on the suggestion of a fellow sufferer (Thanks Lisa M).  Where I was told that they had taken quite a few complaints regarding the 'Surprise, Pharmacy Commercial" today.  However, no decision has been made at this time regarding this commercial.

I am asking everyone to please write or call Sears and ask them to remove this commercial and to please think about what messages they are sending in the future.  You don't have to understand my daily battle to know that minimizing a person's health issues is wrong. 

Thank you!!!

You can go to and email customer service or you make call Sears Executive Office at 847-286-2500.  

Also, check out more on this issue at This Migraine Life; Corporate insensitivity perpetuates stigma.

August 2013 Headache Disorders & Migraine Blog Carnival

This month I participated in the Headache Disorders & Migraine Blog Carnival. Please check out the link below that will take you to all of the August 2013 Headache Disorders & Migraine Carnival. This month's topic was Headache Disrders and Suicide.

Closing the SEAMS in Migraine & Headache

Friday, August 9, 2013

Tomorrow will be better; till you get there...

When I talk about chronic pain I can see people cringe at the details of my daily life.  What people don't cringe at is the invisible hell I go through in my very personal/private battle.  That would be my battle of holding onto the hope that tomorrow will be better.
Battling chronic illness all my life, left me with a clear understanding of smiling through the pain and never giving up.  I lost all of that when I began suffering from Cluster Headaches.  And I lost myself when my Cluster Headaches turned chronic and I developed Chronic Migraines also.  I was hit so hard by a wave of depression that I lost my way.  I could not figure out how to get my feet underneath me and stand up.  This went on for two years.  By the end of it I didn't even recognize myself.  
See that's what is so hard about Chronic pain.  It pulls at you, wears you down and then kicks you to make sure you're not able to get back up.  This is why there is such a high frequency of suicide amoung those of us who suffer.  Many of us hold out hope for that next day, next hour, next minute; but when those next moments only bring more pain it is hard to believe that waiting will help.
Someone once said; "suicide is a quick solution to a big problem."  I believe this with everything I am.  It happens in that one moment when hope does not win out.  As a counselor my best solution is to keep a firm grasp on hope.  Plan for those moments when you can't see through the clouds. 
Some suggestions:
1) Create a safety plan- a safe place you can go, people you can call when you don't trust yourself.
2) When you're in a hopeful moment, write down all of the things you are happy about.  This way when you feel lost you can remind yourself of the good in your life.
3) Keep emergency phone numbers on hand so you never have a reason not to call.
4) If all else fails; call 911 or go to the nearest emergency and tell anyone and everyone that you need help!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Is being happy the same as being healthy?!

I can say that being happy can make me feel better but it does not make me healthy.....
I like this question because many people who see me would never realize how ill I truly am.  And many people who know me, can't tell how much pain I am in.  I learned a long time ago to put on a smile and move forward.  I created my catch phrase for "How are you feeling?" around the same time; "I'm hangin in."  
I don't know what it is, but when I am able to stay hopeful and smile, I just feel better.  Now I just wish my body would catch up and GET HEALTHY!