Saturday, June 13, 2015

Migraine and Headache Awareness 2015 #10- How Do You Find Hope on a Dark Day?

Day #10 Prompt-How do you find hope on a dark day?  Please write about any ways you have to find hope on a dark day.

I find hope on my darkest days through planning and being ready for the pain.  That may sound strange, but it is 100% true.  I never expected to find a day where I would not be able to manage my pain and move on.  When that day came, I was thrown to my knees and it took me two years to find my footing.  The pain was so bad that I immediately fell into a deep depression.  Since I was no longer working, I just didn't leave my house.  I gave up all hope for living life and just tried to exist. 

After going through a program for individuals with pain, I learned that the best way to make it through, to not lose my way and to hold on to hope; was to be realistic that the pain was going to be severe.  I learned how to plan for that pain and how to set myself up for the greatest success no matter where I am.  Having a plan of action allows me to find hope on my darkest day. 

At Home:
When I am at home I have a room that I can go to when the pain becomes intense.  This is a room where no one else HAS to be in, so I can have the needed privacy at any time.  In this room I keep my Iceman machine and my Celfaly.  I am also able to bring any meds that I may need with me without fear of just leaving meds around for anyone to get to.  I can curl up in my chair and have everything at my fingertips.  There is enough room in there to pace and my chair is big enough and comfortable enough to rock in without hurting myself.  There is also a treadmill and television in there for distraction purposes. 

Away from Home:
I am still very particular about who I will leave my home with.  I tend to have anxiety attacks, so I only go out with people who are understanding of this.  When I leave my home I carry a HUGE purse that I can pack with whatever I need to be ready to combat my pain at a moments notice.  I carry rescue medications with me, my Cefaly, a portable ice pack, and my Chill n' heat.  I also carry peppermint oil so I can use that when I come into contact with people who are wearing strong perfumes or colognes. 

For me planning really helps me keep myself and my pain in better control.  These items also are what I considerable my security items and give me HOPE to survive each attack. 

***I also want to mention what I have just started.  This item was recommended by a Teri Robert.  In the last few weeks I have started a gratitude journal.  I am trying to fill it each day with things I am grateful for.  So when I am in a moment of pain and losing hope, I can go back to that journal and remember that there is good in every day. 

"The Migraine and Headache Awareness Month Blog Challenge is organized by the American Headache and Migraine Association." 

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