Thursday, June 4, 2015

Migraine and Headache Awareness #4: Large Migraine and Headache Hopes

Day #4 Prompt: Large Migraine and Headache Hopes: What large thing gives you hope for living with Headaches and Migraines?

The large thing that gives me HOPE for living with my Cluster Headaches and Migraines is my family (parents, siblings, husband and stepdaughter).  Over the last 5 1/2 years my life has changed so drastically.  Sometimes I look around and I can't believe that I am living this life.  I had big dreams!  Right at the time everything became so bad for me, I had just graduated with my Masters in Mental Health Counseling and got married.  It was at that point in my life where everything I had worked for was finally happening.  And then the next moment it all stopped.  I had to leave my job and my husband became my caretaker.  What a blow that did to me.  And I will be honest, I still struggle with the grief from 'what could have been'.  But through it all my family has supported me.  I live every day because of them.  I keep seeking out new treatments because of them.  And I find the bright side of things in life because of them. 
I hear so many people talk about living life for yourself.  I don't understand that.  When I couldn't see the other side of all of this, it was my family who lived for me, fought for me.  Now I live for them and fight for them.  It is because of my family that I have HOPE of living.  This life may not be what I envisioned, but with them by my side it's perfection. 

"The Migraine and Headache Awareness Month Blog Challenge is organized by the American Headache and Migraine Association." 

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